A New Year and New Processes at the Processes Group

NEW Processes Meeting

Learn new processes to help you realize and manifest your desires.

The quicker the better.

There are hundreds of Processes to help each of us create the world we prefer.  Our group will take the very best processes for our desired outcomes.

Last week we worked on Vision Boards and another surprise process that is extremely powerful and very, very, very simple to use.  This Simple Process is one that I created, so you will not find it elsewhere.

The 1st week of January is:

Creating Vibrational Contrast to Speed our ability to see our imagined outcomes.  There is another process that we’ll be adding to this process, time permitting.

So far we’ve had participants report phenomenal changes and occurrences due to the Processes Group.  Such as:

1.  Over a 100% rise in business revenues in 1 month.

2.  Better reflections of ourselves in relationships

3.  Instant (within 24 hours) Manifestation of Money

4.  Much more peace allowing for more to flow.

Join in and see what you can “see”.

Monday Morning at the

AWAKEN Higher Brain Living Center

4367 Dunwoody Park

Bldg 7, Suite 122

Atlanta, GA  30338

Starting November 3rd at 9:00 a.m.  Every Monday Morning.  Start your week off on the right vibrational tone and watch what happens.

ONLY $99/month

We will be studying a new process each and very week to assist you in creating the life you prefer.  Get control of your manifestations and manage your brain.   This is a very limited group because I want to be able to spend quality time with each participant.

There are only 4 Spots left.  So act NOW.  The Universe Likes Speed.  (Joe Vitale)

Get in this Group NOW because after the 1st of the year the price will be $199/month. Why, because it’s worth 10x that amount.

No other pursuit of knowledge will reward the seeker more than the pursuit of knowledge on the Law of Attraction, none!!

ONLY $99/month – Limited to the first 10 participants and for a Limited time.


 The circle with circles, my logo, is a representation of the way I see the Universe (Source) functioning from my micro point of view.  Each of the small circles represents a possible next event in one’s life.  Realizing the logo representation is 2 dimensional, I would ask that you think of it in 3 dimensions and the circles are surrounding you as it you are inside a sphere .  Each circle is a next possible event in your life.

Because there is no time. then all of the events in each of our lives exists now, past, present and future including all “past lives”.  Any and all possibilities exist and we are propelled to the next event by our free will and focus.  In other words, what we think about most and what we put our emotions on is interpreted by the Universe as our free will.  Thus our vibrational output (thoughts plus feelings) align with the next event that matches that vibrational frequency.

Belief plays a major part in our exercise of free will because we will think more often of those things that we believe.

With this information we can get a better understanding of what is coming next because we are aligning with the next event.

What we don’t realize is how powerful we are and how much influence we can exert over our lives.

This is what “It’s About Belief” is all about.